Student Spotlight: Alexandra Guevara


Savanna Guevara

Freshman Alexandra Guevara is a newbie Belle who is friends with everyone and known by her sweet personality and her can-do attitude. With three older cousins in high school, being the only Belle is an accomplishment. She is proud of herself for jumping out of her comfort zone and trying out for the group.

“None of my other cousins or any of my family has ever been a Belle,” Guevara said. “My family was extremely proud of me and happy that I made the team; everyone knew so quickly, which made me extremely proud.”

Guevara has many friends out of the Belle team as well as others who know her by her friendly outlook on life and others. She is loved by many and noticed by most; when of course she decides to speak out show her louder side.

“She’s really shy unless she’s comfortable around a certain group of people” junior Carina Sanchez said. “I took her awhile to warm up to me when her and I first met and now she’s extremely talkative and shows her true personality.”

Guevara is looking forward to the rest of her high school and Belle career. She is unsure as to what exactly she wants to do with life after school but for now she’s focusing on dancing and studying for each class. She is currently thinking of early graduation and deciding what colleges to look at for a chance of scholarships

“She and I have talked about it a small amount and she’s really unsure as to what exactly she wants to be professionally” junior Andrew Tanner said. “The only thing she is sure of is living her life to the fullest with her family and best friends in and after school.”