Student Spotlight: David Alcantar


Nadia Garcia

Volunteering in the community is not always meant for everyone. However, when it comes to junior David Alcantar, volunteering and helping others is one of his greatest qualities.

“David is someone who is always willing to help out,” junior Alvaro Sanchez said. “He is always there for you with a positive attitude.”

Alcantar spends much of his time volunteering at the local fire department.  Since he is still under age, he is not allowed to be able to lend a hand at an actual emergency call.

“I get to help out with fundraisers, go to meetings and training classes,” Alcantar said. “It’s also really fun because I get to hangout with the crew.”

Helping out at the fire department isn’t the only thing on Alcantar’s agenda. He is also a part of the State qualifying Parliamentary Procedure team in FCCLA.

“In this event we basically put on an actual business meeting,” Alcantar said. “We show how a proper meeting should be conducted and how members should act.”

Alcantar was also a member of the Bi-District qualifying OAP production Mad, where he played the part of Rob.

“David is an outstanding actor,” sophomore Tana Cleveland said. “He brings a lot of talent and charisma to the OAP crew.”