Softball season underway


Yomele Almeida

March is a month for the batting cages. It is for eating sunflower seeds and hitting home runs. It is for the full start of softball season.

With the Lady Bison in the basketball playoffs up to the state meet, the full softball team did not get started on play until last week, although there were scrimmages earlier in the year.

“I love the game of softball, win or lose,” sophomore Melanie McGill said. “My teammates make it fun, and so do the coaches.”

Last year’s season for the Lady Bison was a rough one; they finished the season with a 2-13 record.

“In the past year we haven’t been so great in softball, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play,” McGill said. “I know we’ll get better and improve.”

So far the Lady Bison’s season is looking better, with a 2-3 record so far.

“It’s alright since the team is mostly new players,” senior Hannah Eakin said. “There is room for improvement in everyone.”

Eakin believes that this year’s team can go farther than last year’s team.

“With practice I know everyone who is not as experienced can still do well,” Eakin said. “I think our team is a lot bettere than it has been in the past three years.”