Student Spotlight: Garrett Till


Savanna Guevara

New schools can be nerve-wracking, and sophomore Garrett Till knows that after being in four different schools since junior high.

“I was very nervous to be attending a new school; I’ve moved around quite a bit and it was always a little tough making new friends,” Till said. “This year I’ve made a good number of friends and they’re all very interesting; we get along well and they’re easy to communicate with.”

Sometimes, if you are the new kid, if you’re lucky, you run into old friends you lost touch with.  For Till, it’s sophomore Dustin Golemon.

“Dustin and I go back quite a bit,” Till said. “We were friends back in middle school, but we lost contact when he moved.”

After high school, Till plans to work in a studio he knows of then build his own studio and form a band. He hopes to play for other bands and get accustomed to performing in front of an audience.

“Playing guitar teaches control and ability to move your body,” Till said. “It helps me keep myself in control of what I need to be.”

Tills after school activities consist of making music and playing his beloved guitar.  If he could stay home and play all day, that’s what he’d do.

“My life revolves around guitar,” Till said. “It’s what I plan to do after high school. I don’t know where I’d get without it.”

After moving around for years due to his dads’ many jobs, Till feels as though his friends will forever be close to him.

“Garrett is an amazing friend, and even if he were to move again we’ll always think of him as a friend,” sophomore Mykayla Dennix said. “None of us want to lose contact with him, even though we haven’t been friends forever it feels like we all have.”