Student Spotlight: Lupita Martinez


Yomele Almeida

Learning to handle many things at once is a skill sophomore Lupita Martinez has mastered. Martinez still manages to enjoy her activities and learn from them even when they conflict.

“I am in FCCLA and Belles,” Martinez said. “I love both because they teach me things that are very interesting.”

Although Martinez puts everything into FCCLA and Belles she still places a priority on her academic classes. Her extracurricular classes are her favorite.

“My favorite classes are Nutrition and Wellness, Belles and Art 2,” Martinez said. “I like to be surrounded by my friends; they make me laugh, and I know they are there when I need them.”

This summer Martinez traveled outside of the country to her family’s hometown in Mexico for the first time.

“Even though I’ve never traveled out of the country before, I was excited to go to Mexico,” Martinez said. “I loved visiting my family.”

Martinez was overwhelmed to be in Mexico.

“I loved it because I got to meet my cousins and aunts,” Martinez said. “I helped plan my cousin’s quinceanera, and my favorite part about going to Mexico was visiting new places.”

Martinez said she plans to study psychology after high school.

“My goal is to become a psychologist when I’m older,” Martinez said. “It just seems to so interesting to learn about behaviors and mental processes.”

Martinez still manages to find time for herself and for her friends.

“I like to listen to music when i’m alone,” Martinez said. “ But I also like to spend time with my friends and family on the weekends.