Student Spotlight: Dawson Adams


Melanie Slay

Need a laugh? Junior Dawson Adams is the person to go to. Since elementary school, he has been the go-to guy for a dose of amusement.

“We’ve been friends since like second grade,” classmate Caleb Ayres said. “He is always the guy with something funny to say, and I think that’s what makes him such a good friend.”

Adams can be serious when he needs to be, like when he is on the football field. He is on the varsity team, although he missed some games earlier in the season due to an injury.

“It was sudden,” Adams said. “I had no control over what was going to happen either. I do know that when I come back I will be the best I can be and better.”

Adams also tackles homework from AP classes when he is home – along with helping his two younger siblings, Kaden and Michael.

“It’s stressful having to take care of my priorities and also helping Kaden and Michael,” Adams said. “But that’s the responsibility of a big brother.”

Evan though life is busy, Adams still makes time for friends and family when the weekend comes along. He spends time helping his grandparents around the house and joining his younger brothers in playing games.

“Family, to me, is my everything,” Adams said. “My family is all I have and the only people I know that won’t leave my side in trouble times, and that’s why I hold them so close.”

Adams plans on getting back into football as soon as he is released by his doctor.

“I will try my best to fix this injury no matter how long it takes,” Adams said. “I want to get back on that field and play my heart out.”