Student Spotlight: Tana Cleveland


Colby Menefee

Balancing sports and academic programs can often be difficult. Sophomore Tana Cleveland juggles Spanish Club, Student Council, Speech, theatre, cheer and Cross Country.

“Being involved in multiple programs is very hard,” Cleveland said. “The rewards make it worth the challenge.”

She said participating in these programs sometimes requires tough choices.

“Sometimes practices conflict and I don’t know where to go,” Cleveland said. “It helps when coaches are flexible.”

She has had to prioritize certain groups.

“My biggest focus now is cheer,” Cleveland said. “Since we compete in UIL now, it has taken more time and work.”

Cleveland does find time between activities to relax.

“I’m a big fan of The Theory of Everything, Cleveland said. “My favorite actor is in it.”

Cleveland’s friends say they admire her dedication.

“Tana puts her heart into everything she does,” Sophomore Josalyn Taylor said. “She never slacks off.”Friends admire Cleveland for her dedication.