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Student Spotlight: Madison Walker

Madison Walker is a sophomore who likes to spend her time out on the softball field or on the volleyball court. She had a passion for volleyball and softball ever since she was young.

“I love it when it’s softball and volleyball season,” Walker said. “There isn’t another sport that I would like to play other than those two.”

When Madison isn’t out playing softball or volleyball, she is at home riding or taking care of her horses. She has four horses of which she has to take care of and look after.

“Madison loves her horses,” sophomore Reese Boyd said. “She likes to talk a lot about them and I know she enjoys spending time with them.”

When Walker graduates high school she plans to go to college at Colorado State University or Tarleton State University to continue her studies.

“Colorado state has one of the best equine science programs in the country,” Walker said. “They have intern opportunities that no other colleges offer.”

Walker’s future plans is to become a veterinarian specializing in equine reproduction. She has a love for animals and would love nothing more than to help them.

“I’ve always had a love for animals,” Walker said. “At home, I have a lot of animals and I love looking after them, so that’s why I would like to become a veterinarian.”