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Student Spotlight: Michelle Hays

Born in Arizona, Michelle Hays has just returned to Buffalo starting her freshman year. Hays Lived in Buffalo her first grade year through fourth grade year, then moved to Dew. She loves Buffalo and considers it her home.

Hays spends most of her days away from school hanging out with her friends and babysitting. Her friends are important to her.

“We’ve been friends since fifth grade,” freshman Molli Doss, who also attended Dew, said. “She can be super funny, but super serious when she wants to be.”

Her friends describe her as shy and quiet – that is, they say, until someone gets to know the real her.

¨Until you’ve known Michelle for a couple years she will seem shy,¨ Michelle’s friend Kathy said. ¨ She is always laughing and having a good time¨

Some of Hays biggest goals in life are to finish high school and finish college at Harvard, then get a good job and settle down with someone and possibly start a family

“I miss all the easier things in junior high,” Hays said. “High school is a whole lot different.”

Hays said she also tries to focus on school work, alongside with doing volleyball, and FCCLA. She said she plans to move to California after school and college. 

¨Michelles told me when she gets older and she finishes school she wants to move to California,¨ Molli Doss said. ¨That’s where she plans to start her amazing life in California city.¨