XC set to start season


Iris Valles

The start of another long season of running cross country in the pounding sun began as soon as school started. The team had no time to waste. They have been determined to make it to at least the regionals run but hoping for further. The team practices before school every day of the week except Friday. They have their first meet on Saturday, Sept.14, in Teague.

“We have been preparing for so long for our first meet,” freshman Brandon Almeida said.” All the early mornings and soreness will be worth it when we bring it all home this year.”

The early mornings have been hard on the athletes, but they have gotten in more work than most other teams.

“We have been working so hard this past month,” Bates said.” Practices sometimes are mentally and physically tough, but it is making us better, just thinking that most other schools just started practicing a week ago makes me so ready to dominate.”

The team has had to adjust to a new coach and new practice schedules. The new coach is Coach Dustin Bates, he has been working with the team nonstop, trying to be the most encouraging he could be.

“I have told the kids many times that this is their year,” Bates said.” They have the talent and dedication, and seeing them practice gets me so excited for this season.”

When the athletes are struggling with the workout, their coach reminds them of the reason they are doing it. He tells them while they are working their butts off and hustling, the other teams are asleep, not working to get better. Bates’ motto is every day, every practice, get better — and the team is doing exactly that.

“The team has gotten better at this, but when they used to seem like they were slowing down, I reminded them that this is worth it,” Bates said. “Every day that we practice, we are getting better than the teams that are probably sleeping at that moment. I need these kids to realize they are getting better every day because I see it.”