Spotlight: Robin Fuqua


Ashley White

Lights, camera, action! The spotlight is set on Robin Fuqua and her passion for teaching theatre arts.

“I love helping students reach their full potential,” Fuqua said. “The ultimate outcome for me is for students to be on fire for theatre and grow in the craft.”

According to Fuqua, she has an impressive winning streak prior to coming to BHS.

“I’ve taken students to Area four times,” Fuqua said. “When I taught in Wyoming, I had a few first place State showings and several top-three medalists over the years.”

Fuqua always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but she didn’t know what to teach.

“I wanted to be a teacher since about fifth grade, but it wasn’t until I found theatre that I knew for sure what I’d want to teach,” Fuqua said. “My high school theatre teacher had a profound effect on me.”

While the job is stressful, Fuqua said she doesn’t let it ruin things for her.

“I would not say stressful,” said Fuqua. “It’s not stressful doing something you love.”

Fuqua plans to teach in Buffalo until she retires and maybe even take the OAP team to state.

“We were looking for a good school in central Texas to settle down to finish our careers,” Fuqua said. “In my opinion, a few state showings would be the icing on the cake.”