Student Spotlight: Savannah Helmcamp


Iris Valles

Spending the spring in a cast is not what sophomore Savannah Helmcamp had in mind when it came to softball season, but crutches and a cast are part of life for her right now. She loves softball, but won’t have a spot in softball until her ankle is better.

“It kind of stinks that I can’t play softball because of my ankle,”  Helmcamp said. ”I actually liked playing it while we were at practice and I was really excited to play until I got injured.”

Helmcamp plans to attend Texas A&M University to study becoming a vet. She tries to keep her grades up to where they should be every six weeks.

“I want to become a vet because I live around animals,” Helmcamp said. “I have raised cows and horses since I can remember, and I love animals a lot.”

She said she enjoys being in FFA because of the fun and laughter they always have. She likes horse judging since she has horses and likes to be able to work with them at school and at home.

“I love horses a lot,” Helmcamp said. “Being able to be around them a lot in at home and at school just makes me happy.”

In her free time, Savannah likes to hang around friends at home, ride around, or be around her horses and play around with them and her dogs.

“My horses, dogs, and animals take things off my mind,” Helmcamp said. “When I need time for myself, I usually go to them.”

She likes to see people with someone to talk to and smile so she finds a way to talk to people even if she doesn’t know them. The happier the merrier is what she says.

“Savannah is a really loud, open-minded, and sometimes annoying,” freshman Betsy Martinez said. “When she isn’t those things she’s a really fun person to be around and talk to.”

Helmcamp plans on going to college as soon as she graduates so she can get it done.

“I hope that when I graduate I get to do everything I plan to do,” Helmcamp said. “I want to put my name out there.”