Student Spotlight: Aileen Ramirez


Josalyn Taylor

Junior Aileen Ramirez is busy with sport activities and junior projects. Her involvements with sports include playing varsity volleyball and helping manage the girls’ basketball team.

“She is the type of person that always makes you laugh when you’re having a bad day,” teammate McKenzie Ryder said. 

In her third year in high school, Ramirez has had a chance to bond with teachers and classmates alike. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Cox.

“I like Mrs. Cox,” Ramirez said. “She is nice and very smart.”

During the school year Ramirez’s extracurricular keep her quite busy, but during her free time she likes to go out of town with her family.

“My family and I are always having fun,” Ramirez said. “I love traveling with them.”

As well as spending time with family, she likes to hang out with friends.

“Aileen is one of the best type of people you will meet,” sophomore Asia Bradley said. “She is kind and not just my friend, but my sister.”

One of Ramirez’s dreams is to travel to foreign places. She says the first place she wants to travel to is London.

“I want to see what life other people live,” Ramirez said. “I also want to experience different foods.”