Student Spotlight: Ryan Rath


Nadia Garcia

Committed, hardworking, and determined are a few words that describe junior Ryan Rath. He shows these characteristics through his love for sports and friends.

“Ryan is an excellent friend and teammate,” Junior Jordy Maltos said. “He always tends to have a smile on his face that can cheer anyone up.”

Rath is a member of the varsity football team. Instead of having a summer bash like many teenagers,  Rath spent the majority of his time at the weight room preparing himself for the upcoming  season.

“I worked hard every day of the summer, and it’s all paying off,” Rath said. “Several of my teammates all got together to prepare ourselves; we try our best to not let each other down.”

Although he spent his summer focused on football, it’s basketball that holds his heart. Rath was part of the varsity basketball team that advanced to round two of the playoffs last year.

“I love basketball; it’s my favorite sport,” Rath said. “I hope I will be able to play college ball.”

Even during football season, Rath plays basketball whenever he can. He attends open gym at the school weekly.

“I have a lot to work on,” Rath said. “I am willing to put in all my effort and heart to better myself so I  won’t let my team down.”