Student Spotlight: Olivia Kitson


Nadia Garcia

Adjusting to a new school and a new town isn’t usually a first choice for teenagers, but it was the challenge facing junior Olivia Kitson when she moved to Buffalo.

“I came from Montgomery, a much bigger town than Buffalo,” Kitson said. “I like it here; it’s just going to take some time to get used to it.”

In Montgomery, Kitson was involved in several activities, two of them being choir and track.

“In track I ran the 400m race,” Kitson said. “In choir I attended several competitions, one of them being the Texas All-State.”

Although she has enjoyed her activities in the past, Kitson has decided to take a pause in her life.

“This year I decide not to do anything,” Kitson said. “I just wanted to take a break.”

Kitson has other activities to keep her busy, including her love for shoes and makeup.

“I like fashion in general,” Kitson said. “I learned to do my makeup by myself by watching Youtube videos.”

Kitson has being doing makeup all her life, though she didn’t give much interest until this year.

“It’s really not that hard to do makeup,” Kitson said. “ It just takes a lot of practice and that’s what I have been doing.”