Student Spotlight: Ally Smith


Melanie Slay

Sophomore Ally Smith is known for her kindness and her poppy attitude around others.

“Ally is nice and always helping people,” sophomore Isela Esquivel said. “I don’t really talk to her that much, but she is pretty cool.”

Smith’s family is school as well as with church activities. Smith’s dad is a pastor at Faith Baptist Church.

“My dad has been preaching for sixteen years,” Smith said. “It helps out a lot to have a preacher as a dad because it helps me stay in order. It is also a burden because he cracks down pretty hard on me.”

Recently, Smith’s mom decided to open a restaurant up: Lulu’s Diner.

“I plan on helping my mom around the diner,” Smith said. “I’m going to wait the tables and help out around with food and dishes and other things.”

Smith also is member of the Belles; She says that one of the best parts of being in the group is that her best friend Josalyn Taylor is there with her.

“We have been friends since kindergarten,” Taylor said. “I enjoy dancing with her because she’s energetic.”

She keeps her love of talking on a positive note.

“I love how she is always optimistic,” sophomore Ashley Thunderhawk said. “She is always very funny.”