Student Spotlight – Jocelyn Ayala


Josalyn Taylor

While senior Jocelyn Ayala initially comes across as quiet and shy, anyone who spends more than a few minutes with her soon realizes that she is talkative and strives to be the best she can be at whatever she is doing.

“Jocelyn is a motivated person; she never gives up,” senior Brenda Montano said. “She works hard for what she wants.”

As a senior, she has concerns about the future and where life will take her.

“I am scared of becoming an adult and making my own decisions,” Ayala said. “I’m also afraid of leaving my family to pursue my goals.”

Usually Ayala is open with her friends. However, one thing that most of her friends don’t know about her is that her mom had complications while being pregnant with her.

“By a miracle,” Ayala said. “I was born a premature  but healthy baby at seven months.”

Knowing that her life is a blessing and that she should live it to the fullest, Ayala says she has many dreams she hopes fulfill before it’s too late. One of her dreams is to travel.

“I’d like to travel to many different places,” Ayala said. “I also want to donate to charity and help people in need.”

The people that push and support her most would be her parents, she said.

“They are always pushing me to move forward in life and achieve my goals,” Ayala said. “They are always pushing me to try something new everyday.”