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Student Spotlight: Carina Sanchez


Sophomore Carina Sanchez traded in her band life and flute abilities this year for the court, field and sore muscles. She decided to get out of band and instead become an athlete, even though she says it was a tough decision.

“It doesn’t matter to me about ‘being cheered on’ but what matters to me is doing what I love, which is softball,” Sanchez said. “I decided to be in athletics more because it’s something new and something with more of a challenge. I do love band and I still play my flute every now and then. It’s close to my heart.”

Along with the challenge of athletics, she still makes time for her boyfriend, sophomore Ernesto Rios.

“I feel like athletics is really good for Carina,” Rios said. “I can tell she really likes doing it, but I know her heart was in band.

Rios is glad that Sanchez still has time for his games, too, though.

To have her support me at my games makes me feel so special,” Rios said. “It makes me think I do the impossible.”

Many people know Sanchez as someone who helps out her friends.

“Carina is a super sweet person,” sophomore Josalyn Taylor said. “She has always helped me with anything even if it’s something she can’t handle.”

Fitting in wasn’t always the easiest for Sanchez – coming from Leon ISD at the beginning of her freshman year caused her a few rough patches, she said, but her new friends helped her make it through. 

“Buffalo is a good school,” she said. “It has gotten me far and has taught me a lot.”

Those friends and her family are what she says help her to stay on track when she faces challenges.  

“What drives me is friends and family and my boyfriend,” Sanchez said. “My friends cheer me up when I am down, my boyfriend makes me feel loved when I need it the most. My family supports me with my decisions and helps me through a lot.”

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