Student Spotlight: Yomele Almeida


Sheri Donaldson

Sophomore Yomele Almeida is involved with many extracurricular activities such as student council, Spanish Club and class officer. As busy as she is, her main focus is Belles. This is her second year to participate in the drill team.

“I don’t think people realize how hard-working and dedicated our team is,” Almeida said. “We spend long after-school hours practicing and perfecting dances.”

Almeida is known as one of the key dancers on the team.  

“Even though she is constantly working hard, she seems to always have a smile while doing it,” sophomore Ally Smith said.

Yomele and the rest of the Belles competed last month at Six Flags.

“I think this competition was a very unique and different experience for my girls,” director Amanda Harter said.

Although Belles is important to Almeida, education is another huge aspect in her life. She is top ten percent in her class and hopes to attend college.

“I really do enjoy learning, and algebra probably is my favorite'” Almeida said. “At times studying and staying on top of work can be difficult, but I know it’s all worth it.”

Outside of a these extracurricular activities in school, Almeida also enjoys much more things in her free time. She especially loves attending Quinceaneras with her friends on the weekends.

“Even though I’m a very busy girl, I’m very blessed to be able to spend time with my friends by making memories to cherish forever,” Almeida said.