Spotlight: Nayeli Ayala


Kaline Martinez

As she straps on the saddle, she climbs and swings her leg over. After the stressful school week, freshman Nayeli Ayala feels relief as her horse starts to gallop and the fresh breeze hits her face.

Ayala said that it was her father that introduced her to horses and taking care of them when she was young. Throughout the week, Nayeli makes sure they have water, are fed and washed. Once a week she takes them out for a ride.

“When I’m outside with them, it makes me feel calm. All of my worries about school or practice go away,” Ayala said. “I enjoy taking care of them.”

Encouraged by her sister, former BHS student Jocelyn Ayala, Nayeli decided to try out to become a member of the Bison Belle Drill Team. Ayala said that her sister told her that it’s an exciting experience to perform and that dance has taught her to always do something you’re passionate about.

“Nayeli is so positive and very respectful. She’s willing to learn and always pays attention to the dances they’re learning,” Belle Director Melissa Isaacs said. “She has the heart to dance and get involved to what it means to be a Belle.”

Her love of horses has helped inspire her post-graduation plans. After high school, Ayala hopes to attend Texas A&M University and follow a pre-vet track.

“I want to go to A&M because they have the best education to study to become a veterinarian,” Ayala said. “I’ve been to its campus and it’s really beautiful.”