Trump: stop provoking the rocket man


Colby Menefee

Trump tweeted this weekend that North Korea’s leadership “wouldn’t be around much longer.” North Korea’s Foreign Minister responded Monday by announcing that the country interpreted this statement as a declaration of war. To that end, the diplomat said, the country will be protecting itself by any means necessary, including shooting down US military planes even when they are not within the North Korean aerospace border.  

The Whitehouse insists that Trump has not declared war with the DPRK and even called the notion absurd. However, Trump’s comments serve to unnecessarily escalate tensions between the DPRK and the US. The tweet served absolutely no purpose other than boosting Trump’s ego, yet it has moved the US that much closer to being at risk of conflict with North Korea.

Trump needs to stop his endless twitter rhetoric and focus on actually being president. Or, at the very least, think about the actual implications of his tweets before he hits send. It’s bad enough when they stir up decisiveness and anger among American citizens. When it involves the very real possibility of inciting what could easily become a nuclear war with another country, that is far worse.

Even other nations recognize the danger in Trump’s behavior. Just last month, a Chinese editorial begged Trump to stop his endless Twitter rants. Between the Tweets and the public name calling, escalation seems inevitable. Unless this dispute is handed over to military advisers or diplomats from other countries serving as intermediaries, worldwide devastation could be the result of Trump’s posturing.

Trump is acting like a schoolyard bully in a situation that screams for a leader who is smart and controlled. Trump’s current behavior is reckless and dangerous. He needs to stop before he crosses the line and actually causes a war and helps to cause the death of thousands, if not millions, of people.