When the Crispitos hit just right

When the Crispitos hit just right

Lindsey Hardin, Editorial Team

Whether it’s Thursday burgers or the occasional baked chicken breast, lunch is one of school’s greatest joys for students. If not for the food, then for the atmosphere. Getting to talk to their friends about how classes are going or what they have planned for after school is the highlight of many students’ days. 

Every now and then, however, excitement for what’s on the menu outweighs the ability to spend some time on social media and joke around with friends. And nothing is more highly anticipated than the almighty crispito day.

“It’s just the perfect meal,” junior Ryan Brown said. “I feel energized throughout the rest of the day just talking about how great the crispotos were.”

Last Wednesday was just that – crispito day – and students went wild. The anticipation had students rushing through the halls to get into the cafeteria line first.

“I alone ate four, and I wish I could’ve had even more,” senior Lindsey Hardin (me) said. “Crispitos are the light of my life.”

The rare-ness of a crispito day is one factor that adds so much to the dish – it’s like a treat for a special occasion. Like waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the smell of a roasted turkey, but better, because instead of turkey, it’s crispitos.

“I love crispitos so much,” sophomore Tristan Cole said. “They are so cheesy and good and delicious and they make my day.”

So students, mark your calendars when the next lunch menu releases – you don’t want to forget and pack a lunch!

“Crispito day is my favorite lunch day,” senior Millie Lane said. “I really hope we can get another crispito day sometime soon.”