Girls can be tough on the turf, too

Girls can be tough on the turf, too

    Girls and boys – more than ever, we find ourselves on equal ground. The problems start when girls want to jump into truly territory that is traditionally all-male. Then, suddenly, the inequalities seem to be everywhere. We can only become equal again when we set our hearts out to do something we truly love.

    Football, for example. Football is an interesting sport to watch, and plenty of females are as big of fans as the guys are. But when most people think of girls on the sidelines of a football game, they think about cheerleaders, not players suited up and ready to head back out onto the field. And that’s where the problems start.

    Maybe guys don’t want to play because they worry the females are going to get hurt. Maybe they think we aren’t strong enough. Or maybe guys don’t want girls to play because they just don’t want a female on their team. Some guys don’t want girls to play because they believe that females are weak and that they would be embarrassed to play with them.

    I believe that girls should be able to play football. Some girls are as strong as boys. If a girl works her butt off to get a spot on the team in the first place, then let her play. A girl who really wants to play football is going to do all she can do to get her chance to play. Males are entitled to their opinions and thoughts, but a female is going to listen to her heart before she worries about what comes out of a guy’s mouth. Just because we are different genders it shouldn’t stop us for playing the sport we love.

    If guys can be cheerleaders just like females, than females can be football players just like males. Don’t crush a person’s dream – tell them to go for it. How can anyone judge a girl when it comes to football when she hasn’t had a chance to show off what she can do? Girls should be allowed to play whatever sport they wants, even if it is football.

There are physical differences between guys and girls, and that might limit some of the choices for positions, but it should not rule out the possibility of a girl playing football altogether. There are amazing athletes of both genders in plenty of sports. If a girl wants to play football and is willing to take the heat on the field and overcome the stereotypes, then let her; if it means she doesn’t get much playing time until she proves herself, then that is as it should be – the same goes for the guys. But don’t stop a dream just because of gender.