Childish Gambino’s “Atlanta” Tops Charts

Childish Gambinos Atlanta Tops Charts

Jordan Jenkins

Atlanta is one of many series that hit the big screen last month. The series is an American comedy/drama television series that was created by and also stars Donald Glover, known as Childish Gambino.

Atlanta is a top city for young rappers searching to make a name for themselves in the industry. That is exactly what “Atlanta” is about. Rookie artist Alfred Miles (Paper Boi), his cousin Earn and friend Darius collaborate to get Mile’s career to the next level. Hoping that Miles’s career will soon take off, Earn’s main focus is providing for his daughter and her mother.

The series takes real life struggles and adds a funny twist to them that keeps viewers engaged. Anyone watching the television show would not be able to go a full episode without laughing. Using lots of modern day slang, the show is mainly directed for young adults and teens.
Even though the series only aired last month, the future is looking bright for Paper boi and Earn. The show has already gotten the green light for a second season. The show will return for 10-episodes next fall.