Lady Bison win district

Bi-District game scheduled for Tuesday night


menefee photo

Senior Allison Grissett holds on to the ball while the clock runs down on the final district game of the season. The Lady Bison were undefeated through district.

The Lady Bison play in their Bi-District game against Pollock tomorrow night after winning district for the first time in 13 years. After an undefeated season, the Lady Bison and their 25-0 record took the top spot.

The team graduated six senior players last May, leaving them with a large hole to fill.

“It feels great to win district,” senior Maci Hoffman said. “We thought it was going to be tough this year since we lost so many seniors, but it is the best thing ever.”

The Lady Bison have made some changes that have led to their success this year.

“Everyone has stepped up and we actually play as a team and not individually like last year,” Hoffman said. “We have great things going for us and a great record in my eyes.”

As they head into playoffs, players are looking back on the season with excitement and pride for how well they’ve done, despite the odds against them.

“Before the season I had no idea how this year was going to turn out because we lost 6 seniors last year that were essential to our team,” senior Allison Grissett said. “But, it has gone better than I could’ve ever imagined it to, and we are very blessed to have done as well as we have. Waiting four years was so worth it.”