Cups stir up ridiculous controversy


Starbucks has been the center of attention lately over, of all things, their cups. Coffee buyers everywhere have been outraged by the news that Starbucks will no longer showcase Christmas images for the season.

But how does a snowflake on a cup represent any Christians beliefs? Or a reindeer? Somehow shoppers see it as way to drown out the holidays.

A snowman or a few snowflakes do not represent any religion. Making the cups plain red doesn’t affect anyone’s religion. Or, at least it shouldn’t.

Starbucks did not remove any religious designs because there weren’t any to remove in the first place. It’s not like they took crosses and bible verses off the cups, they simply made them … simple.  

In a world where everyone seems to find something to be outraged about in every corner, how about aiming some angst at a problem that truly needs repairing? The world has plenty of them: homeless veterans, abused children, wandering refugees, terrorists … there are plenty of people willing to argue and debate over gun control, taking in refugees, immigration reform. I mean, just turn on a presidential campaign and listen for a while. Cup designs are just not a big deal. People in this country really need to grow up. Because if a red cup that doesn’t feature a snowman on it is their biggest problem, they are truly blessed.