Perks of Being a Wildflower highlights tough high school drama


April Martinez

Welcome to the island of misfit toys.

Together Charlie (Logan Lerman), Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Patrick’s step-sister Sam (Emma Watson) navigate through the wins and losses of what high school brings.

The story is simple on its face, yet complicated because of how much goes on. The story it tells is both beautiful and sad, sometimes at the same time. There are light moments, but the story manages to tackle dark topics such as homosexuality, drugs and death. Stephen Chbosky handles the well, with the layers of the story unfolding naturally.

I recommend this movie because it’s almost a reflection of what we go through in high school – the stress and the drama but also the good memories made with friends. The movie shows tough but necessary subjects that aren’t spoken about but need to be brought to light. It has a great script, great cast, it’s well directed, awesome soundtrack and undeniable strong performances.