Trump makes right decision on e-cigs

Trump makes right decision on e-cigs

Colby Menefee

President Donald Trump announced he was reversing his decision on a plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes that he’s previously endorsed, citing concerns about job loss.

This is good because banning flavored e-cigarette products will only make them more dangerous.

It’s no surprise that when you ban an item, it doesn’t just go away. A complete ban on flavored e-cigarette products is opening the door for an expanded black market. We know this because an e-cigarette black market already exists, both online and in person.

These black market e-cigarette products are far more dangerous than the mainstream commercial products that would be affected by the ban. In fact, all reported instances of injury from e-cigarettes has been a result of third-party products or devices that had been tampered with.

One of the largest concerns regarding e-cigarettes is its use by teens; however, teens who use e-cigarettes are already breaking the law. It makes no sense to think that a new law is going to stop them. Instead, it will turn them to unregulated black market products.