Abortion denied due to legal status


Savanna Guevara

A 17-year-old immigrant is being held after crossing the border alone in order to terminate her pregnancy without the knowledge of her parents.

The teen’s name has not been given to protect a minor, the girl told officials she had crossed in order to receive an abortion due to seeing one of her siblings be abused by her parents for being pregnant. The girl is 14 weeks pregnant and is seeking the termination before the 20 week mark, which is the highest number of weeks a pregnancy can be and still receive an abortion.

The teen is being encouraged to keep the baby as opposed to allowing her right to have the abortion. “I feel like they are trying to coerce me to carry my pregnancy to term,” the girl said in a declaration filed in federal court last week. Attorneys are claiming this case will lead to a pattern of pregnant immigrants crossing the border with claims of needing an abortion for their safety.