Astronaut John Glenn dies at age 95


Sheri Donaldson

Hundreds mourned this week over death of icon John Glenn, the first man to orbit the earth and former U.S senator. According to Ohio State spokesman Hank Wilson, Glenn was hospitalized for more than a week, but his heart illness was too severe. He passed away on December 8. Barack Obama, president-elect Donald Trump, as well as hundreds of others, have all shown tribute to the space man who made so many things possible in the space program.

John Glenn is remembered as a courageous astronaut who made history in 1862 by completing a three-orbit flight in a space capsule. He later served as a U.S senator. He returned to space at the age of 77, making him the oldest person to do so. His achievements and dedication in space and as a senator have affected and touched the lives of many and will forever be remembered.