Student Spotlight: Kyle Simpson


a garcia photo

Senior Kyle Simpson takes a break between plays during the Bison playoff game in November.

Senior Kyle Simpson is that guy you go to if you want a good laugh or just someone to talk to. He is funny and athletic. Simpson’s favorite sports is football, and he said he puts his heart into everything that he does.

“I play football and I think I’m pretty good,” Simpson said. “I put a lot of effort and focus into football season when it comes around. I put my heart into anything I enjoy doing.”

Simpson doesn’t have a problem with self-esteem and admits he thinks highly of himself. He also said he likes to make the activities he is in fun. This is his first year in theatre, and he is enjoying it.

“I love being a part of theatre because it’s awesome,” Simpson said. “I also think it’s exciting because every day we have fun, even if we are memorizing lines, we can still make it fun. I think I am a great actor, and I’m pretty photogenic too.”

Simpson also focuses on his school work.

“My life isn’t all about fun,” Simpson said. “I also think school is really important. I may joke around a lot, but I want to get into a good college and have good grades.”

Senior Logan Freeman said that Simpson is one of his best friends.

“No matter what we are doing, Kyle can make me laugh,” Freeman said. “I love to hang out with Kyle and just hearing his name can bring back memories that make me laugh. I think he is a cool guy and a great friend. Everyone loves him and he can make anyone laugh.”