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Rowling provides readers with an extraordinary story

J.K. Rowling wrote the extraordinary series about a young wizard, Harry Potter, who found out he was a wizard and he enrolled into a wizarding school, Hogwarts. Harry was raised as a muggle and has no idea what the wizarding world is about. Throughout the series he learns more about where he came from. While being introduced to a new world Harry and his friends, Hermione and Ron, defeat evil wizards that want to bring harm to the muggle and the wizarding world.

Rowling had her first idea about Harry Potter at the station King’s Cross in 1990; she also uses this train station in the book as one of the portals between the human and the wizarding worlds. When she had her first child she actually continued to write the first novel of the story, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Rowling sent the first three chapters to numerous literary agents and only one of them wrote her back. She was also training to become a teacher after she finished the first novel and then it was accepted to be published by Bloomsbury. In 1997, the publication became a bestseller. After the first book, Rowling continued to write and ended the series with seven books that all broke different records.

In my sophomore English class, we had to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. After reading the book in class I became obsessive over the story and continued on my own reading the rest of the series. The books are definitely page turners and for being over seven hundred pages long the book was surprisingly never boring. Each and every page was interesting and stood out.

“I read the first novel in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, in April 1999 and was only moderately impressed. But in April 1999 I was pretty much all right. Two months later I was involved in a serious road accident that necessitated a long and painful period of recuperation. During the early part of this period I read Potters two and three (”Chamber of Secrets,” ”Prisoner of Azkaban”) and found myself a lot more than moderately wowed.” -well known author, Stephen King, writes in a review about the Harry Potter series.