Battle of I-45 is back

Bison take on Centerville to rekindle rivalry

Harley Sanders, Reporter


Last Friday the Battle of I-45 took off at Centerville High School. This was the first time in nine years that Centerville and Buffalo battled it out on the football field. While fans were disappointed in a 6-35 loss, they were excited at the hype and excitement of reigniting the rivalry and remain excited to see what the new Bison coaching staff can do this season.

Jamin Savell is the new athletic director and head coach.

“Centerville was a great game for us to start our season with,” Savell said. “We know exactly where we are as a team and what to work on, and it gave us an opportunity to see how we could step up against a very quality opponent.”

Wide receiver Kannon Brantley scored the only touchdown for the Bison Friday night.

“Even though the outcome of the game wasn’t what we wanted, I believe we learned a lot as a team,” Brantley said. “With this being said, as a team we need to move to the next game and improve on our mistakes to reach our full potential.”

Despite the loss, players were glad to have taken on the Centerville team.

“We played the most physical football game that have ever played,” offensive lineman Lane Freeman said. “It was a grueling game against a weathered opponent and the only direction from here is up.”

The Lady Bison were also part of the rivalry match-up, taking on the Centerville volleyball teams before the football game. Coach Judith Harris is the new Girls Athletic Coordinator and head volleyball coach. She was impressed with the varsity team’s 2-3 run against the Lady Tigers.

“I can tell you this, they played three games on Thursday, woke up early for a walk-through practice on Friday and simply ran out of fuel to finish,” Harris said. “If the circumstances were different, we would’ve beat Centerville, no doubt.”

Senior Alison Bing had seven kills, three blocks and one ace during the Centerville game.

“We competed very hard against Centerville and I feel like as a team we all came together as the game got closer and closer in score,” Bing said. “I think if we would have had better serves, it would have helped take home the win.”