Cross Country team competes in district meet


jenkins photo

Sophomore Nathanial Young checks in with coach Pat Roberts during the district cross country meet at Blooming Grove. The meet continued despite rain throughout the day.

    The Cross Country team braved the wet weather to compete in the district meet at Blooming Grove, dodging rain drops in an effort to finish the race and hoping for a shot at moving on to regionals.

     “Cross country is a challenge,” sophomore Miryam Zapata said. “We would run everyday after school to get ready.”

     Even though none of the runners progressed to regionals, coach Pat Roberts said he was proud of them.

     “Although we did not have anyone advance to the Regional Meet, I’m very proud of our guys.” Roberts said. “They ran well and gave it their all.”

     Despite the disappointment, the runners are already looking ahead at what they can do in the future to improve their times.

     “I wish we would’ve made it to regionals,” sophomore Nathaniel Young said. “But I am pretty excited for next year; I’m already training for it.”

JV Girls:

Hannah Eakin- 3rd place out of 7. Time: 21:09

Brenda Montono- 5th place out of 7. Time: 21:38

Natalie Freeman- 6th place out of 7. Time 22:21

Jessica Presutti- 7th place out of 7. Time 24:49

JV Boys:

Nathaniel Young- 12th place out of 40. Time: 19:23

David McAlpine- 21st place out of 40. Time: 20:48

Varsity Girls:

Maci Hoffman-23rd place out of 40. Time: 16:20

Taylor Shelton-24th out of 40. Time 16:20

Kendall Morales- 25th place out of 40. Time: 16:35

Miryam Zapata- 28th place out of 40. Time: 16:51

Rachael Sullivan- 32nd place out of 40. Time 18:31

Lauren Pate- 33rd place out of 40. Time 18:36

Kynlee Driskill- 35th pace out of 40. Time 20:31