Football game features on KBTX


scott photo

Senior JJ Kolb takes the ball and runs during the Buffalo/Centerville game last Friday. The game was televised on KBTX.

    The battle of 75 was sure to be tough. As the game between Buffalo and Centerville approached, attention from miles around focused on how the two teams would perform. Along with radio stations covering the game, television station KBTX out of Bryan picked the battle to be their game of the week. The entire game, including halftime, was filmed for feature broadcast on two different channels over the weekend, putting pressure on players and participants.

    “The fact that the game was going to be televised made me a little nervous,” senior Jacob DeBorde said. “But it made me want to work harder and show everyone watching that we have what it takes.”

    Players tried to push the nerves aside. Senior Logan Jones was focused throughout the week on letting it be “just another game.” The will to win against a big rivalry surpassed the excitement of all the attention.

    “The fact that it was going to be on TV only got me pumped up more,” senior Trent Martin said. “We focused all week as a team on what it would take to win, even though we knew it was going to be tough.”

    The battle was hard, and the end results didn’t come out as the players and coaches wanted, with a loss of 3-38. Despite the loss and with cameras filming every move, the players, band, cheerleaders, and Belles were proud of their performances.

    “The game only showed the amazing sportsmanship and talent we have as a school,” band major Kortni Hibbard said. “Every group performed well and the fans supported the boys until the very end.”