Student Spotlight: Kendall Reynolds


Freshman Kendall Reynolds practices during theatre class.

Megan Wedhorn

While it is common for many people to have a sibling or two, large families are not the norm. Freshmen Kendall Reynolds is one of those people that have many siblings – he is the youngest of seven children, with three older brothers and three older sisters.

“I’m the “baby” out of the seven of us because I’m the youngest,” Reynolds said. “Now I’m the only one left in the house, and it’s great.”

Reynolds is a freshman this year; he is involved in theater and is the football manager. After high school, he plans to become an engineer or game developer.

“I was a little worried about starting high school, but I was mistaken,” Reynolds said. “I have really liked it so far. My favorite class this year is theater; I like it because there are a lot of cool people in there.”

Kendall’s friends say that he is a very kind, sweet, understanding, funny and reliable person.

“I have only known Kendall since the beginning of this year, but it feels like we’ve known each other forever,” junior Kaiden Loep said. “My favorite thing about him would have to be his personality because he is funny, and he is that one friend that can make me smile when I’m having a bad day.”

Reynolds hasn’t stuck with just his class for making new friends. 

“I have not known Kendall for a very long time, but the first things I noticed were that he is his own person, and that he knows a lot of people,” freshman Jeffery Pokryksa said. “He knows a lot more people that what you would expect him to know.

In his spare time Kendall likes to play video games, listen to music, swim and hang out with friends.

“Kendall is a little bit on the nerdy side,” sophomore Mykayla Dennix said. “I’ve known him since eighth grade, and he is really easy to talk to and very understanding. If you need to talk about something and want someone to listen, Kendall is definitely the perfect person for that.”