B.A.P changes up its sound


South Korean band B.A.P took on a new style with the release of their newest comeback, titled “Feel So Good”, on February 21, 2016. This new song and video are happy and upbeat, which is a nice follow-up from their last comeback, the dark and slightly intimidating “Young, Wild, and Free”.

“We wanted to take a break for a moment from music with a strong beat and make music that is easier to listen to,” band leader Bang Yongguk said. “That’s how ‘Feel So Good’ came about, but it also seems to fit us well.”

With bright colors, fun dance moves and sweet lyrics about falling in love, “Feel So Good” makes the listener want to dance along whether it is their first time listening to it or if they have listened to it many times.

“I’ve always wanted to do this kind of music and I think we thought we should try various different things,” vocalist Kim Himchan said. “Powerful styles are good, but this uplifting feeling seems good, too.”

This has been my favorite B.A.P comeback to date. Happy songs have always been my favorite, but this one is even more special because the lyrics have a cute meaning behind them. “Feel So Good” is a must-listen even for those who may not be into kpop.