Empire pits siblings against one another


Empire is based on the daily lives of a celebrity family. In the first season, after being  diagnosed with ALS, music producer Lucious Lyon is told that he only has three years to live. He had just announced plans to take Empire Entertainment, the families  record company, to the public.

After realizing his business is in jeopardy and with only a few years to live, he knows he must give up his world-famous company to a worthy successor. By pitting his three sons against one another in a battle for control of his multi-million dollar throne, Lyon believes he will make the right choice.  

The Lyon sons are all very different and talented in their own way. Andre is the college-educated and business-minded son. Jamal is a talented and sensitive singer-songwriter.  And of course, there is the brash rapper Hakeem.

However, the sons aren’t the only ones seeking the company. After being released from  prison, Lyon’s ex-wife Cookie tries to take over.

Empire is networked on Fox, where its second season is coming to an end.