Fuller House a huge hit

If you loved Full House you will love Fuller House. The show picks up 20 years later with Danny Tanner ready to move to move out of the house and to Los Angeles.He decides to leave the house to his daughter D.J.,who is newly widowed and raising her three kids Jackson, Max and Tommy.  

With her father not being there to guide her through parenting, D.J. was in need of an extra hand or two. Her younger sister Stephanie decided to give up her successful deejaying career to help her out. However, she wasn’t the only one – D.J.’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler agreed to move in as well with her daughter Ramona. This parallels the beginning of Full House when Danny’s brother-in-law and best friend move in with Danny, who is newly-widowed and father of girls, to lend a hand.

The show received 5.5 million viewers just on the trailer, and Fuller House is a hit. The company has already promised season two to be on by this fall. The show airs on Netflix with 13 episodes in season one.