G-Eazy churns out the hits

His real name is Gerald Earl Gillum. He is a 26 year old rapper who was born on May 24, 1989 in Oakland, California. His early life was filled with sorrow and pain. From his mom leaving his dad then to his mom beginning to date another woman, Melissa Mills, it was a lot of traumatic changes all at once and only at the age of 12. Then Mills overdosed on pain meds.

Still trying to keep it together, Eazy continued through school to college, where he started out as a record producer. He soon began to get recognition from his background in the hip hop scene back in the East Bay Area.

In his early years he was involved in a group called “The Bay Boys”, releasing a couple songs before getting big. In 2010 he then began to get a lot of attention, thus starting the solo ride.

He started out in August 2011 with The Endless Summer. With each year, he was just getting better and more successful.

Then These Things Happen and When It’s Dark Out came along. These Things Happen topped the US Billboard’s Hip-Hop/R&B and Rap Albums charts.

His music may have vulgar language and isn’t for people who don’t like cussing. But cussing doesn’t take away the effect of the message in the lyrics.  His music has many different types of feelings and that completely depends on the song. He is an amazing artist and is getting somewhere fast.