Student spotlight: Destiny Hammons


scott photo

Freshman Destiny Hammons works on an assignment during science class.

Special talents are nothing new for teenagers, but for freshman Destiny Hammons, her talent is being an amazing friend.

“I love her. She is a really good friend no matter what she has your back,” freshman Liberty Harriston said. “She will always be there is you no matter who you are. You need her help she is there.”

Of course she has other talents, as well. Destiny is very musical and knows how to play guitar, drums, piano and bells.  

“I was one spot away from drum major before I left Ohio,” Hammons said. “I lived for drums. But I learned more instruments through family. It was a great experience. It comes in handy to be a one-man band.”

Hammons lives with her grandparents, Joanne and Ray, and her sister, eighth grader Heather Hammons, and her brother, sophomore Joshua Hammons.

“I love Destiny, I do,” Ray said. “But sometimes that girl is a hassle. She is the loudest in the house and has the biggest attitude besides myself. But that’s why I love her so much.”

Moving between states in sometimes really hard and it can be stressful. Destiny says it has worked out, though.

“It was a lot at first, like I was confused just by finding my classes, much less my street,” Destiny said. “It did sink in faster than I thought, which was good. I’ve grown to love this place.”