Student Spotlight: Kaiden Loep


menefee photo

Sophomore Kaiden Loep and freshman Ally Smith participate with Leon students in a motion clinic for Theatre. Loep says that Theatre is her favorite class.

Being a middle child is hard for some people. Trying to live up to the oldest and trying to be the best example you can be for the youngest, all at the same time. Sophomore Kaiden Loep is in that position, and said that while it’s not all bad, things can be rough sometimes.

“My life is pretty easy going,” Loep said. “But sometimes it gets tough to handle all the pressure. Between doing homework and helping with my little sister Carmyn, it can be tough.”

With her big brother Jernon Hawley out of school and in college, she has more time to focus on herself. Loep says it is hard with him gone though.

“Its really quiet and boring in the house now.” Loep said. “I didn’t expect to miss him, but I do, and it makes me really happy when he comes home to visit.”

Loep participates in Journalism, and said that she really loves to write; she is also in Theater and NHS. In her free time she likes to skateboard, write, read, draw, bike and spend time with her youth group.

“My favorite activity to be in is Theater,” Loep said. “I like to act, and the class is always exciting. There is never a dull moment.”

Loep said she surrounds herself with people that care for her and make her laugh. She likes to make her friends laugh, too.

“She is really nice and fun to hang out with,” freshman Stefani Trejo said. “She is always a laugh. So if you ever need a laugh, go to her. She’s your ‘man’.”