Student Spotlight: Dylan Cornish


menefee photo

Freshmen Dylan Cornish and Tristan Best work with students from Leon during a theatre motion clinic earlier in the school year.

There is always that one friend who every one can count on, the one who will always be there in a time of need, and for many people, that friend is freshman Dylan Cornish.

Cornish said his favorite animals are dogs or horses, and he plays golf and baseball. He wants to get involved with more organizations as well.

“I am trying to get into FFA in the spring,” Cornish said. “I love animals and FFA, so I really hope I can get in.”

Cornish said he has a slow but interesting life and gets to do many of the things people have down on their bucket list.

“I get to do lots of exciting things like travel a lot,” Cornish said. “I also get to do things like zipline down mountains and skydive.”

Cornish doesn’t only care about having fun; he also likes school and acting.

“My favorite class is theatre,” Cornish said. “I enjoy learning new things and new languages like Spanish.”

Freshman Tristan Best has known him since they were in kindergarten and they have been friends ever since. Both went to Dew school and moved here in sixth grade.

“I think he is a really cool guy,” Best said. “He is talented, funny, and super smart. At the beginning of the year he helped me a lot in Spanish. I think he is an all around good guy and I am honored to call him my friend.”