Student Spotlight: Sheri Donaldson


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Freshman Sheri Donaldson and fellow cheerleader Tana Cleveland sing the school song at the end of a football game.




There may not always be cameras on her, but freshman Sheri Donaldson definitely stays in the spotlight with her outgoing and bubbly personality. One of the biggest extroverts in school, Donaldson loves to be the center of attention. She puts her talent to use in Theatre and on the Speech and Debate team.

“Sheri is very talented when it comes to expressing herself,” freshmen Tana Cleveland said. “She makes it seem so effortless.”

Sheri is a very versatile student. She is involved in many extracurricular activities including Spanish Club, Speech and Debate, Student Council and Theatre. She is also a class officer. On the sports end of the spectrum, Sheri competes in Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Cheer.

“I love to be involved in everything,” Donaldson said. “ I look forward to being a diverse student full of many qualities.”

Sheri, along with the Cross Country team, were the first in many years to make it to the regional meet. They placed second in district and qualified for regionals. This was Sheri’s first year to participate in that sport. Sheri said she looks forward to next year and hopes to qualify to the state meet.

“I really enjoyed being in the cross country team,” Donaldson said. “It not only taught me that eating healthy and maintaining myself in shape was important, but also that team work and dedication was the key to success.”

Sheri keeps her brain in gear, as well. Not everyone enjoys arguing over if the U.S. should curtail their domestic surveillance or giving speeches over current events. However, that is among Sheri’s favorite things to do. Along with debate, she competes in interpretive prose.

“Above everything, speech class is probably my favorite,” Sheri said. “It has opened up my mind in so many levels and also has taught me to better communicate.”

Sheri has a large family –  nine siblings and two nieces and nephews. She feels that dealing with so many different personalities and characteristics has made her become more understanding and cooperative.

“Having a big family is what makes me the person I am,” Sheri said. “I love my family; they teach me so much about life.”

Sheri will be traveling to New York City in the summer with other Theatre students. This will be her first trip to The Big Apple.

“I’m beyond excited for New York,” Sheri said. “I’m looking forward to the experience and all the memories I’m going to make.”

As involved as she is, Sheri has not decided on a career yet.

“I don’t want to choose the rest of my life right now,” Sheri said. “I have so much to learn and so many things to figure out about myself.”