Student Spotlight: Noah Rubel


a garcia photo

Freshman Noah Rubel shows off his Bison pride at the end of the Bison playoff game. Noah also plays golf.

Many freshmen see high school as a big and scary place. However, imagine how much worse it would be if you had to start high school in a completely new school with people you did not know at all. Freshman Noah Rubel did just that. He started his freshman year with all new people in a whole new place, but says he settled in just fine.

“I was new to Buffalo this year, but I like it a lot,” Rubel said. “I came from a school that had about a thousand students, and 300 in my grade. I like that Buffalo is a smaller school, it’s pretty cool here.”

Noah is a very competitive and well-rounded. He says he always tries to keep himself busy with something at all times. Rubel is a part of the speech and debate team, which competes throughout the year. He also participates in two sports, golf and football. At the moment Rubel is the only male freshman golfer on the golf team. He is also a member of the Spanish Club and theater.

“Noah is well-spoken and very articulate,” debate teacher Melanie Menefee said. “He does a great job of keeping up with current events, and he knows how to discuss just about topic that comes up in class.”

In his spare time, Rubel likes to play video games, work on golf, and hang out with his friends, family and girlfriend. He describes himself as a serious but funny guy who is able to work well with others.

“Noah is a really cool and smart guy,” freshmen Stefani Trejo said. “He is also really nice, and sometimes he acts just like his father, who is my World History teacher. Some people call him mini Mr.Rubel.”

Noah is the youngest in his family. He has an older sister named Noel, in addition to his parents, both of whom teach and coach for the district.

“Noah is a very opinionated person and he likes to debate,” Mr. Rubel said. “He is no different than any other student. He tries to be the best student, person, and Christian he can be, and we enjoy having him around.”