Student Spotlight: Dylan Harris


contributed photo

Senior Dylan Harris helps out Monty McGill with a local radio broadcast. Dylan has been playing basketball since kindergarten.

Ball is life. At least for some people, including senior Dylan Harris, who is a starter for the Bison Ballers. Dylan began playing basketball as a kindergartener in Little Dribblers.

“Basketball has been a big influence in my life,” Harris said. “I’ve been playing ever since I can remember.”

Dylan plans on continuing his passion for sports outside of high school by being either a physical therapist or sports trainer.

“I’ve always wanted to keep sports in my life after high school,” Harris said. “So going into physical therapy is a great way for me to be able to combine work and school”

Outside of school and sports, Dylan participates in theater.

“This has been my first year to do theater,” Harris said. “It’s a great way to express myself and also hang out with my friends.”

Hanging out with friends is just one of the things that Harris like to do in his free time.

“Dylan is pretty cool; he’s always down to do anything,” senior Logan Freeman said. “He’s always fun to be around.”