Student Spotlight: Natalie Freeman


scott photo

Junior Natalie Freeman serves tea during FCCLA week.

School work, organizations and “annoying” brothers are some of the things that junior Natalie Freeman says she has to deal with in addition to an already overwhelming schedule.

Freeman is involved in and excels in multiple groups and organizations. In addition to managing her busy basketball schedule, Freeman also participates in 4-H, NHS, Spanish Club, FCCLA and Student Council.

“Trying to actively participate in all of the organizations that I’m in is sometimes very overwhelming,” Freeman said. “However, I know that it will look very impressive when applying for college.”

Participating in various clubs is not the only thing that Freeman has to stress about. She has been enrolled in PAP and AP classes for many of her classes.

“There are times when I feel like giving up because the classes become so overpowering,” Freeman said. “However, I know I that it will all pay off in the long run.”

Freeman has one older brother, Logan, a senior, and one younger brother, Lane, a fifth grader.

“I like having classes with Natalie,” Logan said. “She’s always there to help me when I don’t understand something and to push me when my senioritis snets in.”

While maintaining good enough grades to stay at the top of her class, Freeman somehow finds time to keep a job working at a local restaurant.

“There’s not really much to do in a small town like Buffalo,” Freeman said. “I don’t like to be bored, so why not work in a fun environment while also making money? It’s a win win situation.”

With school work leaving little time for actual fun, Freeman seizes every chance that she can to have fun with her friends.

“I do have somewhat of a life outside of going to school and work,” Freeman said. “I think that everyone should make time to hang out with their friends.”

In what free time she does have, Freeman likes to hang out with her best friend, Gracie Ferguson.

“Natalie’s always busy so it’s sometimes hard for us to make plans,” Ferguson said. “However, I’m thankful for the little time that we do have together and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”