Student Spotlight: Lauren Pate


menefee photo

Laduren Pate passes the ball to teammate Allison Grissett during the Lady Bison’s final district game.

Lauren Pate is a part of the undefeated Lady Bison Basketball team. She will be heading to playoffs along with her varsity teammates. Lauren is one of the starting five players and according to her team, she is a key player due to her outside shooting.

“Lauren is not just a good 3 point shooter,” freshman Kayleigh Rhodes said. “She is also a very good leader and keeps everyone motivated.”

Lauren is also involved in other sports such as volleyball and cheer. This year was her first year in high school to participate in either one.

“She was an outstanding cheerleader,” sophomore Nadia Garcia said. “She was always smiling and laughing on the side lines.”

She loves to spend time with her new puppy, Maggie. She is always with her best friends, sophomore Madison Rowan and freshmen Kenzie Ryder and Melanie Mcgill.

“Lauren’s dog Maggie is so adorable,” Ryder said. “She is so playful.”

Lauren is the daughter of Richie and Amber Pate. She has a younger brother named Luke. According to all of Lauren’s friends, she is very close with her mom and they have a really close mother-daughter relation.

“Her mom and her are very close, they’re like best friends,” Rowan said. “They even look so much alike; they kind of almost look like sisters.”

Pate is a role model to the lower classmen because of the way she treats everyone and because she is always smiling and living her life to the fullest.

“Overall, I think Lauren has many good qualities, she’s very committed to sports,” freshman Sheri Donaldson said. “She’s also a very good leader.”