Zayn Malik doing fine on his own


Zayn Malik, ex member of One Direction, has really hit it off in his solo career with a new single – “Pillowtalk”. After his break up with the band in March, Malik has been working on an upcoming album that will include this song.

He released his single and music video “Pillowtalk” on January 28, showing us a glimpse of what to expect from the new album. His music is more of him expressing his love and care to his significant other. He also talks about the struggles of being in a relationship and overcoming the problems that arise.

Malik includes his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, in his music video in a affectionate way. Some say that he expresses woman as art and a work of nature – that it represents the woman body in a beautiful way.

Currently the video has 47 million views. His album Mind of Mine will be released on March 25 and is on pre-order. You can follow Malik on twitter @zaynmailk for more updates.