Student Spotlight: Makayla Troyer


j trejo photo

Senior Makayla Troyer looks over notes before class starts.

There’s always that one friend – the one who is always a live wire and keeps everyone laughing – and for a lot of people, that friend is senior Makayla Troyer. However, Troyer is not all about fun and games.

“She can be so focused sometimes,” senior Brittnie Garcia said. “When she sets her mind to something, she does it.”

Like most seniors, Troyer has a full schedule. She juggles school work, a job and a social life. This year she has also picked up Spanish Club and FCCLA, which keep her extra busy.

Troyer said she has been influenced by strong men in her life like her brother Joey Gelski, who recently joined the Air Force. According to her friends, watching her brother has turned things around for her and made her more serious about her future plans.

“I’ve seen my brother’s mistakes and I have seen him correct those mistakes,” Troyer said. “I don’t know what I would do without him. Seeing him graduate from the Air Force shows me that I can also make my family proud.”

Her plans after high school are to attend Blinn College and receive her associate degree in Physical Therapy. She would like to pursue her career until the age of 25 before starting her family. She hopes to live the rest of her life in Houston or Bryan.  

“I can’t wait to see Makayla years from now and see how much she has accomplished throughout the years,” senior Jacie Jones said. “She’s also very high maintenance so I know she won’t settle for anything but the best.”

Troyer is also loved by her teachers. Her favorite class is Medical Billing taught by Mrs. Read.

“Makayla is an outgoing young lady who is not afraid to speak her mind,”  Read said. “She’s very driven and has a bright future ahead.”